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How Does Music Bingo Work?

How Does Music Bingo Work?

Listening to your favorite tunes has never been this fun!

Music Bingo is a dynamic and interactive game that blends the joy of listening to your favorite music with the thrill of a classic bingo challenge. Get ready to mark off songs instead of numbers and compete with friends for fantastic prizes. It's the perfect fusion of melody and competition, creating a one-of-a-kind social experience.

Music Bingo


Immerse yourself in the ultimate fusion of music and excitement. Music Bingo, powered by Hitmixx technology, takes your favorite tunes to the next level. Play with our laminated bingo cards and mark off songs with dry erase markers for a dynamic, reusable gaming experience. Join us for a unique, toe-tapping adventure that turns ordinary nights into unforgettable memories.

Music Bingo Card
Music Bingo Card
  • What is Music Bingo?
    Music bingo is a fun and exciting take on the classic game of bingo. With songs replacing the numbers on a bingo card, this game can be played by many. After receiving a card, the host will play music, and if you have that song listed on your card, you mark it off.
  • Is Music Bingo good for my business?
    Bars are one of the most popular venues for Music Bingo. The game can be played while people enjoy drinks and socialize. Music Bingo is a great way to liven up a restaurant atmosphere and get people involved. Cafes are a perfect venue for an afternoon game of Music Bingo. People can enjoy coffee and snacks while playing the game. Music Bingo is a fun and interactive game that seniors can enjoy. Retirement homes are always looking for new and engaging activities for their residents. Music Bingo can be a fun addition to brewery events and beer tastings. It’s a great way to engage customers and create a lively atmosphere. Music Bingo can be a fun activity for campers. It’s a great way to create a social atmosphere for people of all ages. At any of these venues you will see increased business and increased exposure for your business as a fun place to be!
  • Is Music Bingo a good way to Fund Raise?
    Charity Events: Hosting a Music Bingo game can be a great way to raise money for a charity or non-profit organization. Schools: Music Bingo is a great activity for school events, fundraisers, and even as a fun classroom activity.
  • Who Can Play?
    Music Bingo is a versatile game that can be played in a variety of different venues. It’s a fun and engaging activity that can bring people of all ages together and create a lively atmosphere!


Talk to a Funn Traxx Expert DJ

Devin F. Tewksbury, Ma

What a great time playing music bingo!

Loretta R. Tewksbury, MA

We had such a great time playing music bingo! The video screens added another layer of excitement.

Kelly F. Tewksbury, Ma

Wow this was so much fun and it will be a great addition to our fund raising events!
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